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LS327 5.3 Holley HP Computer and Harness 24x Manual Throttle

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The Vortec 5300, or LM7/L59/LM4/L33, is a V8 truck engine. It is a stroked (by 9 mm) version of the Vortec 4800 and replaced the 5700 L31. L59 denoted a flexible fuel version of the standard fuel LM7 engine.  Power output is 270-305 hp (213-220 kW) and torque is 315 lb·ft (427 N·m) to 335 lb·ft (454 N·m). Displacement is 5.3 L (5,328 cc (325.1 cu in)) from 96.01 mm 3.78 inch bore and 92.00 mm stroke 3.622 inch stroke .

Holley HP EFI &Harness for use with mechanical cable throttle bodys includes AIT sensor relays for electric fans & fuel pump.  Harness is 5 wire hook up to chassis (12v+,ignition, tach, fuel pump , electric fan


  • ·     Plug and Play control of factory GM 24x and 58x LSx engines
  • ·     Internal data-logging standard with a huge 2GB of memory
  • ·     4 Stage progressive nitrous control
  • ·     Turbo boost control
  • ·     Integrated water/methanol injection control
  • ·     Self-tuning fuel table strategy greatly simplifies tuning process
  • ·     Individual cylinder fuel and spark control allows you to unlock your engine’s potential
  • ·     Works with 4, 6, 8 cylinder engines
  • ·     Unique lb/hr based fueling strategy greatly simplifies and commonizes tuning
  • ·     Advanced idle, closed loop, and enrichment strategies allow for very stable operation
  • ·     ECU is fully potted and can be mounted in the engine compartment or interior
  • ·     Sealed automotive and marine grade connectors
  • ·     Allows for use of common OEM sensors as well as customer sensor calibration input
  • ·     1-5 Bar MAP sensor capability
  • ·     Two channel knock control sensor Inputs for both one or two wire knock sensors
  • ·     Dedicated fuel and oil pressure inputs
  • ·     Controls both stepper and PWM Idle Air Control (IAC) motors
  • ·     Speed density, Alpha-N, or combination fueling strategies
  • ·     4 Programmable high or low Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) outputs and 4 fully configurable inputs can be configured for use
  • ·     4 Stage nitrous oxide control
  • ·     Fully featured nitrous control eliminates the need for a separate nitrous controller device
  • ·     Can be configured “Wet” or “Dry” with closed loop feedback
  • ·     Progressive control based on time, RPM, or boost, requires part # 554-111
  • ·     Lean or rich safety cutoff
  • ·     Full timing retard/control configurability per stage based on RPM or time
  • ·     Integrated Water/Methanol injection control
  • ·     Uses Holley Water/Meth solenoids specially designed and calibrated for use with this EFI system to allow the user to enter Water/Meth flow as a percentage of fuel injector flow for Water/Meth tubing


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