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Fuel System Kits

There are certain elements that create a dependable and long lived fuel system. Turn Key fuel systems are engineered to provide all the requirements for a healthy running LS engine. Here is the reasoning and anatomy of our Turn Key fuel delivery packages.

  1. You get a choice of hook-up fittings from your tank: 5/8” push-on, AN6 or AN8 males.
  2. Next, a large TK pre-filter with serviceable element to capture large debris that would damage your fuel pump.
  3. The fuel pumps we use:
    1. Pierburg – Stage 1 – Good to 500 HP
    2. Bosch 044 – Stage 2 – Good to 650 HP
    3. Aeromotive – Stage 3 – Good to 1000 HP
  4. We then use a Bosch or TK post filter to protect fuel injectors from being contaminated by micro debris.
  5. Last, we include a Mallory or Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator to maintain optimum PSI.
  6. All components in our systems are supplied with AN6 (Stage 1 & 2) or AN8 (Stage 3) male fittings.
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